Raw materials

Pastificio Baradello only uses fine organic semolina and not by-products of milling.
We personally select certified producers by carrying out painstaking, thorough and widespread research all over Italy.
We guarantee the end consumer a top-quality and genuine product as well as complete traceability, from the raw material through to the individual packet.

Quality Guarantee

Our processing methods, completely artisanal, guarantee complete respect for the pasta-making tradition.
All production phases are carried out by hand in accordance with health and hygiene regulations.
We carry out cooking and taste tests to assess the characteristics of the product: texture, flavour, the evenness of the cooking and firmness during cooking.
Our pasta is free of colourings, preservatives, additives and GMOs.

Organic Semolina

We have a simple rule from which we never stray: no short cuts.
For us this translates into meticulous research and the use of the best organic semolina, not by-products of milling.
In order to guarantee the complete traceability of the raw materials and the end product we only purchase from certified producers.

Made in Italy

All of our products are manufactured in our workshop. Every day we work with love, dedication and passion to offer the benefits of Italian artisanal experience and provide wholesome, genuine, safe and healthy products. In short, we provide our customers with the very best "Made in Italy".


We choose not to use semolina deriving from GMO grains because we want to contribute to safeguarding biodiversity and because we support production systems that respect nature, the environment and human labour.